Friday, May 30, 2008

Avant Garde

If you know me you know that my favorite typeface is Avant Garde created by Herbert Lubalin in the late 60's. From the beginning i knew the typeface was only intended for the original Avant Garde logo and titles. I love this typeface because of it perfect geometry. But they say this is why the typeface is ugly. I somewhat agree. The lowercase letters should not be used for bodycopy. I guess that means i should change the bodycopy in the school newsletter. lol. I should of realized that it was a bad typeface for bodycopy when i saw it used as bodycopy in a porn magazine. lmao. I still believe if you master the ligatures it is one of the most beautiful typesfaces in the world, and it is still my favorite typeface.

Here are some logos I've done recently for the AIGA and ADFED chapters in my school. I don't know if there gonna be used though.
Im also gonna post an article about Avant Garde. It talks about its uses and the history of it's creation.

Currently listening to Professor Ware. lol.


Mr.Ninja said...

Playboy has always been a very well designed magazine. Hustler had (in the beginning) groundbreaking, edgy photography, and redefined freedom of speech. Don't knock porn magazines.

Alchemist said...

To bad those weren't the porn magazines i had in mind.