Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Perversion of a Japanese classic begins...............NOW!

If you've walked into a Target lately chances are you have seen an adorable little brown creature plastered everywhere in the store. For those of you who know about Domo Kun, good for you. Now you get to watch everything that was cool and lovable about Domo get raped by corporate America. Those of you who don't know him, congratulations, you can stand by an watch in ignorance.

Although I am sad that one of my favorite icons is doomed, I have to say I really like all the Domo themed goods over at Target.

*first person to say Domo is wack gets an exacto knife to the jugular.


Alchemist said...

did u take these pics or find them online?

Mr.Ninja said...

I found them. What the fuck you think I'm gonna walk into target with my SLR. nigga plz. But ive been going to target alott to pick up shit for my new place.

Alchemist said...

Those pics aren't SLR quality. I wouldn't doubt u snuck a point and shoot in there.