Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Busy

It's been a busy week for me. Other then updating and launching my new site and getting down with Lemon Yellow , I paid a visit to a bunch of friends who i havn't seen in a while. On thursday i had lunch with Stan and Mia, I saw here new studio and office pretty dope. Afterwards i paid a visit to my old job and boss Will over at Definition Advertising . He showed me the new Zubi Advertising site which was art directed by our friend Rony Cinco . Site is fucking off the chain. Zubi paid The Web Well in London to build the site and Picasso Pictures did all the claymation. The site even changes when it's night.

Friday i swung by the Gallery that i'm having a group show at to meet the owner and see the space. The spots real fresh and i'm excited for when it all goes down. I'll post more information on the show as soon as i can. For now here is a litte sneak peek of the direction my piece is going.

Also here are a couple screen caps of my new site.

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