Friday, June 12, 2009

Things to Do in Miami When You're Dead (bored)

Pick up the new issue of Miami New Times. It's an awesome guide to the happening spots in the city. I'm making this my checklist for 09.

*nice cover, but next time do your homework. Your Guilloché patterns is weak.

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keric said...

really? this is your check list? id rather check used toilet paper for what's happening, than some shit publication thats just trying to sell their lame 2009 plaques (for $140, incase they haven't tried to sell you one thats how much they sell them when you "win").

heres an idea, ASK SOMEONE. what the hell kind of shut-in refers to this as opposed to say, knowing actual people. i mean for fuck's sake they say the readers voted olive garden (probably 8th year in a row) for best... who even cares... olive garden? that tells you A LOT about it's readership right there.