Monday, February 8, 2010

SuperBowl Weekend

I had a Random and fun weekend these past couple of days. Hung out with a bunch of friends and saw a few Celebs. I really didn't feel like lugging my Nikon with me so i only have two pics From when i went to Dog House on Friday. Super good Colombian hot dogs.

The rest of the night was dope went to the Room for a few hours and then hit up T-MEX on the beach were we sat by Jessica Alba and one of the dudes of Good Charlotte. She's a gully ass chick that's all i gotta say.

Saturday night i finally got a chance to see A Single Man directed Tom Ford. Super good film. Especially the cinematography. The DP for this film is 27 year old Eduard Grau . Man did he do an amazing job. Every shot was like an editorial spread and while some people might not have liked it, me being a designer loved every second of it. Every scene i was able to imagine type seamlessly being merged with the shot/image. I wonder if Tom Ford wanted it/did this way since he comes from a fashion background. On top of the beautiful cinematography the attention to detail was amazing. The film takes place at the height of the Cuban Missile crisis. So every guy was rocking tailored suites and skinny ties. FRESH! All in all a dope Movie i highly recommend it to anybody.

Sunday night was fun with it being to Super Bowl and here in Miami we were definitely able to feel it in the air. Me and some friends went to Red Light for dinner and to watch the game. I was rooting for the Saints so i fit right in bc the owner/Chef of the restaurant is from the NO. After dinner we dipped to Flanigans to get poured up and finish the game. All in all a good weekend awesome food, awesome friends, can't go wrong.

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