Monday, July 7, 2008


So just found out that Lotus is coming out with a new model called the Eagle and they are doing the freshest stuff to market it. Faceless people have been popping up at high profile events this summer in England like the Wimbledon, Henley Regatta, the Harrods sale and Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.

When you type in Faceless people on Google the first website to pop up is
True Character. On the site there is a count down clock to July 21 and the Lotus logo at the bottom. The website launches two days before the British International Motor Show, which opens in London at July 23. So obviously this site is for the new Lotus Eagle. This is such a wonderful Viral/ Guerilla Campaign by Lotus. If someone out there knows the Ad agency that came up with this campaign let me know.

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