Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latin Burger and Tacos

Ingrid is super nice.

5-O had the block hot
Gourmet - L'TRE Lo-Tops

I apologize for the lack of post lately, since the Earthquake in Haiti last week I've been working on a personal project to help aid those in dire need. If you haven't already donated and you have the means to, please do so asap. With that being said, last week i went to the Latin Burger and Taco which is the newest and only gourmet food truck in Miami. Created by Ingrid Hoffman and inspired by LA's Kogi Korean BBQ Truck Latin Burger and Taco is rapidly growing in popularity here in Miami and with good reason. LB has the best tacos I've ever had, hands down and some of the best burgers in Miami. After trying Guava ketchup with their seasoned fries i don't think i can ever go back to regular ketchup with fries. I highly recommend the pulled pork tacos. Heaven. I wanna thank Ingrid and Jim for bringing this concept to Miami.

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