Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holzman Says

Today in class Holzman was talking to us and then he said something that i don' remember now. I do remember what he said next. "You Suck" I was laughing so hard inside. So i made this peice. Im gonna make it a T-Shirt so be on the look out.

Currently listening to "Run To The Sun" N.E.R.D.


Alchemist said...

Danm i wish i remembered what he said prior to that. Im gonna find out.

Mr.Ninja said...

last week he said..

"the more you think the more you forget."

or something close to that. Well I had an epiphany, too bad I didn't write it down. Now I've forgotten.

Adrianp331 said...

Wow, you are just going my topic like that?

Alchemist said...

what do you mean your topic? I showed you this peice earlier today in school before you said anything about you topic.

Alchemist said...
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