Sunday, April 13, 2008

Style Wars

So the other night Robert and I were watching Style Wars and one of the illest quotes ever was said.

Teacher: " You don't make any money from graffiti."
Kid: "When was the last time you made $2000 in a month. Huh? Ok now you fail."

That shit is fuckin fresh. That was like a big Fuck You to any teacher that ever put you down. $2000 isn't alot of money now for one month's worth of work but in the early 80's it was.
If you have never seen Style Wars you need to click the link below now!

Editors Note: Robert had never seen Style Wars until the other night. One of the biggest HipHop heads i know. Into graffiti for a minute and he never saw Style Wars until last night. What the fuck Robert. Im never gonna let this one go.

Currently listening to "G-Joint" Styles P ft. J-Hood


Mr.Ninja said...

Jump off it. You should be more embarrassed for listening to "G-Joint" Styles P ft. J-Hood".

Alchemist said...

Mother Fucker you've never even heard that song. Another thing you've never done. LOL.