Thursday, October 15, 2009


I like seeing collaboration like this happen, between corporate companies and artists/photographers like Yasumasa Yonehara. When the street artist or photographer is legit it always comes out great. I don't really considerate it selling out. The artist's that do these collaborations are constantly hustling in their own way so the collaboration is just another way for them to do what they love for a living. And in this case AXE did a great job by getting Yonehara. The premise of all of AXE's advertising is that if you use their product you'll get all the girls. So who better to convey that message to the Japanese then Yonehara. If you don't know who Yasumasa Yonehara let me put it this way he is like the Hugh Heffner of Japan but gully. Usually when companies jump cultural boundries the message gets lost but Axe really hit the nail on the head with this one. But then again they've always had good advertising.

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