Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bape Furoshiki Set

Today i was flipping threw the new issue of surface magazine and i came across a little article about Design Miami. The article had an image of the Moore Space in the design district were the event was first held in 2005. Now if you know me, then you know my favorite venue in the city is the Moore Space. it's just so ill. The permanent instillation for 2005's Design Miami is a perfect fusion of old/classic mixed with new/modern. The installation was designed by one of my favorite designers Zaha Hadid and she couldn't have done a better job of fusing her abstract shapes with the insides of this historic Miami building. Here's a photo i took of the venue at this years sneaker pimps. Sorry it's a little blurry. I was jamming out.

This now brings me to want i wanted to talk about. Fusing old with new. When done correctly some of most interesting design is created. To me Bape did an wonderful job of taking something old and modernizing it to make it relevant today.

Here is some info on the Bape Furoshiki set.
"Tracing back to cultural roots, A Bathing Ape look to drop a new set of Furoshiki’s, a traditional gift wrapping linen. Two different colorways are shown, including a signature camo piece and solid green with a graphic of Baby Milo. Both retail for ¥6,090 (Approx. $68 USD) and will be offered as Bapexclusive items during the Kyoto opening on December 12th, 2009." - Hypebeast.

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