Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm your pusha

I have to say yesterday was a pretty good Friday. Fuck it i think it was the best Friday I've ever had! I started the day off pretty straight doing a photo shoot of my jobs body of work for the new website. 2'oclock rolled around and it was time to hit up ATC for the Clipse Album listening party for Til the Casket Drops. I scooped up my boy Kyle and Alex and got there around 3. It was a nice little turnout. Nothing to crazy, every body was just vibing listening to the new album which by the way is off the chain. Pusha and Malice are some cool and humble ass dudes. They were there just chillen and talking to their fans as if they were long time friends catching up after they haven't seen each other in a while. Since i saw that these dudes weren't on some I'm to good to talk to you shit, I stepped to to Pusha T and asked if they used multiple designers for their clothing line Play Clothes. "No we just use one." Damn! shot down. LOL it's all good i found out late from my boy Julian that every aspect of that clothing line is done in Virginia from design, to production, to marketing etc.. So they oversee the whole process. You know what they say the hood takes care of it's own. I dipped outta there around 3:45 to head back to work. Note: working on a tiny ass laptop sucks. Can't wait for that 27 in iMac next week.

I picked up Alex around 6 so we could head over to the design district to see a new show called Little Sister at the Spinello Gallery. We left the gallery to pick up some long awaited food at Pollo Tropical who our friend Uriel had never had, Blasphemy! After we ate at Paula's deluxe apartment in the sky lol.

After we ate we dipped with some more friends to UM to see The Wailers and Common perform at their homecoming. I had only found out about Common performing at the show a few hours prior. I knew the Wailers were playing but i though homecoming for UM was tonight. Lucky me huh. Hands down Common fucking killed it. GOOD music for real. I decided it today it was the best concert I've ever been to. First off he's one of my favorite emcee's, second i was with a bunch of amazing people, and third the show was free! You can't knock that. Big up to UM for putting on these shows for homecoming. Last year they had Kidz in the Hall and N.E.R.D. and that show was off the chain too.

"Man i love Fridays" - Criag

Currently listening to "Punch Drunk Love" by Common ft. Kanye West and Pharrell

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