Saturday, January 8, 2011

Art Basel 2010 Day 3

So Saturday was a pretty lax day. Me and the homies went around the Design District and Wynwood catching up on all the small gallery exhibits and the productions and murals going on in the streets. No pictures from the day sorry I didn't have my camera on me. I went back during the week though to photograph all the finished pieces and I'll do a post on that soon. That night the crew went to the Art Basel Castle put on by Overthrow. The venue was in a warehouse complex in Wynwood that looked like a castle from the outside. Pretty dope. The event had work from Mike Giant, Claw Money, Ron English, Mike Bode and a bunch of other artist, and performing at the event was Theophilus London. This was the second time I saw him live and i was pretty dope bc I was right in the front. Another dope act that performed before Theophilus was this chick from Baltimore called Rye Rye. She put on an Awesome show. Mad energy, I loved it. Almost more then Theophilus. Anyway below are some photos from the night.

The night was sponsored by Pabts. Yeah!
Man of the hour. Mr. London.
I always liked that Krink looking Chanel tee
Good times!

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