Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FWY X Building Blocks X Rainbow City X Art Basel 2010


First and foremost I want to give a shout out to my boy Edwin over at
Friends With You. Without him this post would of never been possible. So to Edwin good looking out homie! So Thursday night was the first night of Art Basel for the common folk. But the treatment I received didn't make me feel so common. That night was dedicated to the wonderful world of Friends With You. If you weren't there that night you were nowhere.

Before going into Rainbow City I ran over to the FWY store/studio to check out the Building Blocks Exhibit that they had created for Art Basel. Awesome works as usual. After checking out the works i got my free Mojito on and proceeded to Rainbow City. Once we got in we ran into a bunch of friends, and Shepard Fairey. When I was done catching up with some friends I headed into the Gift Tent that FWY set up that sold a bunch of their products along with a bunch of Natives shoes who'd they'd partnered up with for the event. FWY also partnered up with WESC and designed these really cool stripped blankets/scarfs that they were giving away for free in three different color options blue/white, red/white and green/white. I got all three color ways, don't ask me how. Later on that night I found out that they weren't even suppose to be for free. Only people with VIP cards were suppose to get one. Lucky me. Lol.

At 10 N*E*R*D came on to perform a free show that kicked ass. At the beginning of the show I noticed my boy Julian was at the front of the crowd and I knew he was going to get on stage. It's like and N*E*R*D X Miami tradition. I've been to 4 N*E*R*D concerts and out of those 4 show Julian has made it on stage 3 times to jam out with Pharrell, Shae and Chad. Tonight was no exception. I'll let you watch the video at the end to see how it went down. All in all it was a great way to start off Art Basel.

All photo are from Friends With You and World Red Eye.


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