Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art Basel: Report 2

So Wed. Afternoon I went down to Wynnwood to check some of the Primary Flight and Wynnwood murals. The first stop was to see Tatiana's first mural. Afterwards me and Robert drove around Wynnwood Checking out the murals in progress. Very inspiring stuff. Me and Robert saw a big ass Obey wall so we parked to go check it out. As I walk into the yard I see Futura 2000 walk towards me. I was like "oh snap" in my mind. Cool as dude. He was working on a big ass mural to the left of Obeys wall. After exchanging a few words with Futura I proceeded to check out the Obey wall and who do I see sitting right under the wall. None other then 13th Witness . He was super surprised I knew who he was. Cool dude, and his business card is pretty tight. (Funny thing about that whole run in with 13th is I was just watching him the day before on the new episode of Maestro Knows. Shit was crazy)

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