Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Basel: Report 5

Saturday was a fun day with Alex. We hit up some good galleries during the day. First stop was the Blue Print show at the Art Center on Lincoln road. I couldn't go to the opening reception on Wednesday because i had to work. Gay. The curator there was super wack and wouldn't late me take photo's so i only got to take a few photos before he stopped me. He's was just made he had to work during Basel and couldn't see shit! Hahaha. Afterwards we went to the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin . They had some awesome works on display. As soon as i walked in they had a whole collection of Takashi Murakami prints on display. Fresh stuff. One of the reasons i wanted to hit up this gallery was because of the Tank chairs Pharrell designed for the gallery. Fresh ass chairs with tank like legs. The black one was the fresh because the seat was Cult hair. Super soft. They also had this fresh Kaws statue on display. Next stop was the "It Ain't Fair" show at the O.H.W.O.W. gallery. The artists on display were bananas, Jose Parla , KAWS , David Lynch , Barry McGee the list just goes on. After O.H.W.O.W. me and Alex meet up with the crew and headed back to Fountain again since the pass we got was for all weekend. I was an alright show overall. I defiantly think the show Vanguard put on last year was better. Later in the night we went to the Converse party but the line to get in was ridiculous and we ended up going back to MAX FISH. It wasn't as good as Friday night thought. Maybe it's because i knew a lot of people the previous night. I did run into Mr. Rosario thought. Always good seeing him. Funny guy. After MAX FISH we hit up Dennys to grab something t eat and called it a night. Oh yea Hobastank burrito. FAIL.

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