Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Basel: Report 4

Ron English X Robert

Completed Futura 2000 wall

Obey Detail
OS Gemeos

Looking back on Friday night i saw and did a lot of shit. Started the night of by going to Eat Your Heart out in Wynwood. Overall pretty good show. It seems like it was put on by Culture Kings but don't quote me. After wards me and Robert hit up a few random galleries in the Design District before meeting up with Alex. We all hit up Wynwwod to see all the finished murals that artist's had been working on all week. After walking around for a few minutes we ran into Ron English , a photographer that was with him noticed Robert had on a Frank 151 fitted and asked to take a photo of the two of them together. After a few photos the dudes hooked Robert up with some dope dice that came in a pharmaceutical container. The whole them was Mary Jay. Pretty fresh. After that we kept it moving peeping out some galleries and more walls. After checking out the wall murals we checked out Fountain presented by Gen Art: Vanguard. Didn't get to stay to long that night though because they were closing. After running into a bunch of friends we decied to hit up MAX FISH. A pop-up bar based off the famous one in NYC. Shit was live. Ran into some old friends there that i hadn't seen in a minute. Good drinks, Music, Crowd and Company, over all i just had a real good time.

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