Monday, December 14, 2009

Art Basel: Report 6

Sunday was the last day of Art Basel and me and Alex decided to hit up some of the art fairs since we hadn't gone yet. The first place we went was to this random hotel on 14th and Collins to see some of Yonehara Yasumasa photo's. At first i was like why the hell would in be in this hotel, but once i went in one of the rooms it totally made sense. The hotel room looked like the rooms were he photographs the girls. His photo's were mounted all over the room. As i went to take a photograph i heard a shuffle in the Kitchen and out of no where Yone pop out. I was like "Oh Snap" in my mind. I say that a lot in my head.I also noticed his white and orange Polaroid camera on a coffee table that i've seen in numerous interviews with him. Super shy guy. I find that funny. But then again he is Japanese. After our run in with Yone we headed over to STAGES in downtown. This show was put on by the Lance Armstrong foundation and many of the artist in the show have somehow been effected by this fatal disease. Afterward we went to Wynwood to hit up Scope and Art Asia hitting up some small shows along the way. This year Art Asia was twice a big and better then last year. All in all i had an awesome time at Art Basel this year. Can't wait till next year. Special thanks to everyone that contributed to the good times.

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